Jul 18

Integrity Plank by Kraus Flooring

Flooring with Integrity Plank

Choosing the proper flooring for your commercial project is critical when looking for long-term sustainability and exceptional performance for your customers.  Once again, Kraus Floors has you covered featuring our ‘Mylar Film Fastening System’ with over seven years of quality performance without any failures of the film.

Vinyl flooring is a beautiful reproduction of wood or stone and offers the same ordinary variations in colour, tone and graining that you expect to find in the natural product.  Vinyl flooring also offers additional features that make a lasting difference in any application.  Integrity Plank is ideal for residential, light commercial or heavy commercial applications.

  • Installation is cost effective, saving your project thousands of dollars with minimal subfloor preparation time and cost.  Integrity Plank is ideal for easy and quick installation as well as property manager maintenance, upkeep, and easy replacement as needed. 
  • Performance is enhanced with scratch resistant ceramic bead finishing, stain resistance, moisture resistance and easy on-site removal and repair when needed.

Integrity Plank offers an easy removal system due to our ‘Mylar Film Fastening System’ that leaves no damage to original substrate and can be installed above dry and completely cured concrete, interior plywood, Gypcrete or poured and sealed gypsum underlay, cement backer units and properly prepared OSB.

Enhance your Integrity Flooring installation with our Acoustic Step – LVT / Universal Sound Control Underlayment

Acoustic Step is approved for use under Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Planks, Laminate, Engineered Wood, Solid Hardwood, and WPC / SPC flooring products.  Installation methods are flexible with your flooring design as you can use Acoustic Step with a float floor, double glue floor, staple floor, or nail floor.  

Acoustic Step is LEED® certified 

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See our pdf on Integrity Plank: Integrity Plank


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