Ecore™ Commercial Floors

Ecore™ Commercial Floors – Built by Yes

Ecore™ Commercial Flooring is more than a passive surface.  A tangible reflection of your vision.  Even if your vision and needs are totally out there.  It has to be Specific,  Responsible, and to the point.  So, do we make what you need?  No matter what that means?  In a way that improves people’s lives every day while simultaneously improving the world?  YES 


Ecore™ Commercial is durable!  Aesthetically pleasing! It can withstand constant traffic 24/7/365, countless 12 hour shifts, and the spontaneous dance party!  YES

Healthcare flooring

ecore™ Commercial floors are part of the team for success.  They can prevent patient falls, assist staff in comfortably working on their feet even after a 12-hour shift, and help provide a sterile environment to prevent infections from spreading.  Our floors even quiet the rush of hospital activity so patients can get a healing night’s sleep.  Ultimately, flooring that is good for health professionals is flooring that is good for patient care and health care facilities.  YES, that is why hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities around the world give ecore™ a clean bill of health.

Hospitality flooring

You can stay at the hottest hotel in the city, with designer linens, the hippest bar and rumors flying that an Oscar-winner booked a suite.  But if the rooms are loud, the staff is exhausted, and the fitness center hasn’t been revamped in the last decade, nothing will save it from a one-star review.  So can a floor save a hotel from bad reviews?  We know, unequivocally, the answer is YES

Multifamily flooring

Making multifamily living situations more comfortable and private.  Issues with noisy neighbors and loud hallways, or employees with stiff knees and soar feet, or just looking for water resistant surfaces?  Can the right floor solve all that?  Even with such a diverse set of challenges, with Ecore surfaces, the answer is YES.

Retail flooring

Can the right retail flooring improve the customer experience, stand up to heavy foot traffic, and even give the sales force a morale boost?  YES, it absolutely can.


Can a learning environment be designed to reduce stress?  To help teachers engage with their students?  To make classrooms and playgrounds safer?  With Ecore floors, the answer is YES.


Imagine a floor that makes your business look professional.  That keeps staff and customers safe.  That is in line with your commitment to the environment.  A floor that can save you money.  YES, the bottom line points Ecore.

Public Buildings

When people come together, great things can happen.  Wherever they gather, shouldn’t they have a durable, great looking floor that keeps them safe?  The answer…an unequivocal YES

Senior Care

Is it possible for a floor to enhance the lifestyle of an active Senior community?  YES, even if the home you want is beautiful, safe, and quiet.

See why at Ecore, “YES is more”  Call Carol Norby & Associates TODAY for a quote  702-243-0852

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