May 19

Partitions – Functional and Spectacular


Mercy Healthycare1

Mother Mercy Healthcare project uses textured glass panels to define individual spaces, create privacy and add visual drama.  Nathan Allan Glass Studios Inc. provided the glass and systems: Featured throughout the project, “Mirage” kiln formed glass from Nathan Allan Glass Studios creates functional, yet spectacular partitions. The panels employ a free-flowing pattern with fluidly shaped lines of texture and have an anti-microbial, low maintenance quality, designed for healthcare applications.

The architectural glass partitions are formed with ½-inch thick, low Iron, safety tempered glass. Low iron glass, specified by HDR, the project architect, appears as a white, crystal-clear textured glass. The project incorporates various sized panels up to 5 feet by 10 feet. The more detailed and stronger ½-inch panels allow for frame-less vertical edges, reducing the amount of required hardware. The continuous pattern design creates a seamless appearance and camouflages separation lines.

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Mercy Healthycare2

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